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Great Tips to Qualify for Online surveys

Disqualification from an online survey can be very frustrating as this means missing out on the opportunity to accumulate those points you were working hard for to redeem for that reward you’ve always wanted.  Qualification is a quality or accomplishment that makes someone suitable for a particular job or activity.  The same definition applies when you take online surveys.   With online surveys, our clients aim to look for the perfect sample that can adhere to what the study is looking for.  In this note, most studies you will be invited to have pre-qualifying questions and quality questions all throughout the study that will ensure you are reading the questions carefully, you provide consistent responses and you are being thoughtful with your answers.

To help you better qualify for the online surveys where your quality’s and experiences, we recommend the following:

1.    Keep your profile updated.  The more updated your profile is, the greater your chances will be in receiving more online survey opportunities.   It is also advisable that you update your profile each time your situation changes.
2.    Read each question carefully before answering.  All surveys have qualifying questions and quality questions to ensure you are answering honestly and thoughtfully. It’s important because you are representing other people like you so that our clients can deliver products and services that are desired.
3.    Take your time when participating in online surveys.  Each online survey has a designated time frame that is thought to be adequate for completing the survey successfully. It is important that you take your time to finish the study according to its designated length.
4.    Take online surveys one at a time.  Complete one survey before attempting to take another. Having more than one survey open at one time can cause the survey to become unavailable and then you’re not able to complete it.
5.    Allow yourself time to complete a survey in one go.  All online surveys are only open for a limited amount of time, once the required number of interviews are reached then the survey is no longer available even if you were half way through.  We always advise our members’ to complete it from start to finish to guarantee participation.  

We hope our top tips from the OpinionWorld Hong Kong team helped.  Why not read our blog about ‘How you can make online surveys a smooth participation’ for further suggestions.  Read here for more.

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