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Paid Surveys? Yes! Here at OpinionWorld Hong Kong

As a consumer, you have the power to share your views and opinions and make a difference. Here at OpinionWorld Hong Kong consumers such as yourself play a vital role in helping businesses and other organisations provide better services according to your needs and get rewarded for it! To get you started, if you are a qualified candidate and you have successfully completed online surveys with us, you get to earn points that can be redeemable against any of our exciting reward options! As soon as you have reached the required minimum redemption levels, you can simply redeem your points with any reward option you like!

Excited to know what rewards you can get for completing our surveys?  


Through our WebShop, you can easily find popular physical vouchers that are delivered straight to your mailing address or pick any from our list of electronic vouchers for your online shopping needs. You are free to select whichever voucher type you like!

Why not try Amazon.cn? This option is the largest internet-based retailer in the United States and offered across the globe. At Amazon, you can buy DVD’s, video games, electronics, books, apparel, furniture, food, toys, jewelry and many more! To get more ideas what else you can buy through Amazon, check out their website at www.amazon.cn for more information.

Would you like to convert those hard earned points to cash? Yes you can! At OpinionWorld Hong Kong, we offer PayPal our most popular reward option! All you need is a verified PayPal account to get you started. Once your account is verified, all points you redeemed through PayPal will be converted as cash and will be deposited straight away to your PayPal account instantly. Please note that if you’ve just recently verified your account, it would take about 5-7 business days to finish off the verification process. To know more about PayPal, you may visit their website at www.paypal.com/hk

By being part of OpinionWorld Hong Kong, you influence business decision makers, government organisations, public bodies and similar organisations create better services for you. Sharing your opinions and views itself is already very rewarding, yet we want a better experience for you by awarding you points that you can convert in any of our exciting reward offers. For more information about our rewards, please check them out here

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Happy survey taking!


*Amazon.cn is not a sponsor of this program. For complete gift card terms and conditions, see http://www.amazon.cn/gift-cards/b?ie=UTF8&node=311868071. ©,®,™ Amazon.com Inc. and/or its affiliates, 2013. No expiration date or service fees.

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